Wednesday, October 26, 2005

The Introduction

Stephen Glenn:
In the waning months of 2004, I asked a group of dedicated, hardcore gamers to send me a list of their top 15 games of all time. I specifically asked them to list games that they most enjoyed playing -- not necessarily games that they felt deserved special honor or recognition. I also requested that they list the games in order (from most favorite to least favorite).

Based on their responses and my calculations, here is the Official & Authoritative 100 Best Games of All Time Ever Without Question. You can view the list in its entirety [Mark: well, once it's all published you can - I'll come back & stick a link right here] or you can work your way backwards from 100 to 1, just like those irrestible VH1 specials.

It should be noted that the list has a decided Euro-slant. This should not be surprising, considering the participants. If you asked a group of wargamers or RPGers the same question, you'd get a much different list. Beyond that, the list should speak for itself. I hope you enjoy it and that it sparks much conversation & pleasant debate.

Mark Jackson:
I came up with the name. Yep, that's pretty much all I did.

Oh, yeah - and I attempted to host it on my website... until by some random act of chaos, I am no longer able to update my website due to the dying gasps of my aging iMac. Sigh.

You may or may not find VH1 specials irresistible... but we do both hope this will be fun for you to read and/or argue with. A number of the participants took time to write comments on the games - some in great detail - and what they have to say is interesting even when I think some of them are full of hot air.



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