Friday, December 02, 2005

Mark's One Hundred: #90-#81

#90: Mole in the Hole
Braeden loves to play with the homeboy mole pieces & the multi-layer board; I like that it's a light game with plenty of tactical play. And the homeboy moles.

Star Wars - Epic Duels
This is really a very good movie tie-in, as well as working quite well as a combat game. Best with 4 players who have a little experience with the game.

#88: High Society
You'll find I like my auction games short & mean, and they don't come much shorter and/or meaner than High Society. Yes, it's got a large random element in the order the items come up for auction, but who cares? (This was one of the few Knizia games that didn't make The One Hundred - sheesh.)

Volle Hutte
The theme of building pubs is a lot of fun, as is the process of moving folks around the table. It's not rocket science, but I've had a warm smile on my lips every time I've played.

Viva Topo
The most kid-friendly "chased by a non-player character" game I own - this cat & mouse game is gorgeously produced and has some interesting push-your-luck decisions.

Cosa Nostra
It's a backgammon variant with spaces that have special powers & a big honkin' "drive-by shooting" spinner in the middle of the board... cuz it's a gangster game, capeesh? I love it, though it doesn't work well unless there's 4 people playing.

Yet another "Oh Hell" spinoff - this time, it's the board play (a canoe race) that gives the game some needed oomph. But what really makes this a great game is the freebie expansion, "
Grand Canyon", which adds Cosmic Encounter-like special powers to each round, allowing players to catch up and/or hose over the other players.

Wolfgang Riedesser is a hero of mine - and this simple roll'n'move is one of the reasons. "Jungle Race" looks like a simple kids game, but the decisions (if the dice are kind) are important.

#82: Liar's Dice/Call My Bluff
I'd probably rank this higher if I hadn't grown a little weary of playing it - it's a brilliant game design.

Settlers Card Game
I debated between this and
Starship Catan - both games I love, but Starship is very similar to Anno 1503 (which you'll see farther down the line), so I went with Settlers Card Game. I like the way the game develops, even if it takes a bit too long.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

#88: High Society
(This was one of the few Knizia games that didn't make The One Hundred - sheesh.)

Well... um... you only have it at 88, well out of the "15 games only" range :)

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