Monday, November 21, 2005

The Ones That Got Away: Brian Leet

Fast Food Franchise

Always a blast with gamers and non-gamers alike. Has the good habit of usually ending right when the outcome becomes obvious to the players.

This game hasn't been in print for nearly a decade, so I'm not surprised that it didn't make the list. I also am sure that the similarities to Monopoly probably turn off some players. For me, the similarities are enough to entice casual gamers (who don't feel like they need to learn a whole new game), while turning out to be entirely superficial from a game play standpoint. While there is a fair amount of luck here there is also strategy and planning as well as calculated risk. I would love to see a reprint of this title so it could get wider availability (and better components).

American Megafauna

I enjoy 'experience' games (games where the experience of playing is more important than your score) and this is my favorite of the bunch. The only downside here is finding players.

I wouldn't be shocked if I am the only player who nominated this game. I would be very shocked if there was more than one other person who also listed it. In many ways the game is a lot of things I don't care for. It is fiddly, complex, long, filled with obscure or odd rules interactions, and careful strategy is often overturned by pure dumb luck. With all that said, the theme and scientific accuracy (dare I say simulation?) are what win me over with this one. I find it fascinating, always enjoy the experience of the play, and can honestly say I've learned more from the game than any other since I was rather young. Still, it remains a personal affectation, and is a game I would recommend to only certain of my friends.



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