Thursday, December 01, 2005

Mark's One Hundred: #100-#91

Doiing all this work inspired me to do a bit of classifying of my own... and what you're reading now is my own personal Top One Hundred.

Those of you who know my tastes will be surprised primarily by the small number of "kid games" on my list - but I chose to focus on games that I personally enjoy, as opposed to games that I enjoy playing with others. (There is a difference.) I also refrained from putting games released after December 2004 on the list, so it would line up with what was available when The One Hundred voting took place. (Thus missing Niagara and Attacktix.)

Finally, games linked by their ranking number appeared in The One Hundred, while games linked by their name did not.

And now, without any further ado...

#100: Mush
It's not the best game Alan Moon has ever made, but this game of dog sled racing is certainly one that I've enjoyed playing over the years. We've done some tweaking to the avalanche rules.

#99: Kapitan Wackelpudding
I like dexterity games. I like games with an odd sense of humor. This is both.

#98: Air Baron
I'll admit that this game as released has some problems - not the least of which is the "Fuel Hike" chit. Still, it's great fun to play this economic wargame (really!) and is probably my candidate for "Game Most Needing High-Quality Development & Re-Release."

#97: Igloo Pop
Igloo Pop is the best example of taking a great game mechanism (the shaking canisters from Zapp Zerapp) and putting it into a much better game. Zapp Zerapp is really only enjoyable with 4 players and is essentially a Parcheesi variant, while Igloo Pop plays at a frenetic pace (30 minutes or less) and works with 3-6 players.

#96: O Zoo Le Mio
It's an auction game crossed with a tile laying game, scored like Acquire... but it's quick (you'll see that word a lot on this list) and great to look at. Yes, there are problems with the income system and the escalating point values in the later rounds - but in such a short game, part of your job is to plan to deal with both of those issues rather than whine about them when the game is over.

#95: Klunker
Uwe Rosenberg is a genius - he takes the whole idea of "card game" and turns it inside out. It's a trading game with some serious hand management issues... and a whole lot of fun in a little box.

#94: For Sale
I used to rate this much higher, but there's been a sameness to the last few games which has been off-putting. Still, it's really a great filler and deserving of a spot on my list. (I haven't played the new version yet - I'm a bit scared of what the rules changes will do to a game I enjoy "as is".)

#93: Can't Stop
IMHO, Sid Sackson's masterpiece. I actually have two boards so we can play 2 games at a time!

#92: Zoff Im Buffalo
Christwart Conrad created this pleasant little bluffing/placement game... then, a few years later, overinflated it into Vino ("the game of the rolling grape pieces" - yep, spherical game bits... ab-so-lutely brilliant...). The original is much better... and I'm very, very good at it. :-)

#91: Too Many Cooks (Knizia)
It's an odd game - not really trick-taking, not really a climbing game... and the five menu cards mean you can get toasted in the last hand by your card draw. Yet the game is addictive to play - and a great gateway game.



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