Wednesday, November 09, 2005

#40: I'm the Boss/Kohle Kies & Knete

An oddly chaotic Sid Sackson design that features deal-making and negotiation - this game was OOP for some time and became pretty expensive to acquire a copy. [Mark: "Acquire a copy" - me & my crazy Sid Sackson puns.] Face2Face Games reprinted and made I'm the Boss available to the masses once again. One of the bits of genius in the design is how it's a negotiation game that let's you start with a "clean slate" every time a new deal is proposed - the rich do not get richer (unless someone goes brain dead and helps them get that way... sigh.)

Mark Edwards: "Half of me thinks of this as an activity as opposed to a game, but it's loads of fun and allows me to be the weasel I truly am." [Mark: I refuse to comment on Mark E's weaselness on the grounds that it might incriminate me.]



Blogger huzonfirst said...

Always wild 'n' crazy fun, even if you're getting shut out of all the deals. Sackson's last great design and one of the best six-player games around.

10:46 AM  

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