Wednesday, November 09, 2005

#38: Through the Desert

Pastel camels are not what makes this game of placement & land-grabbing exceptional - but it certainly makes it easier to spot. (No one looks across the room and says, "I wonder what those guys are playing.") Through the Desert is one more feather in Knizia's cap, packed into 45 minutes of simple yet agonizing decisions.

Nick Sauer: "For someone who thinks Knizia is one of the more overrated designers, I find it interesting that I [voted for] three of his games here. To be fair to myself, I really feel that he has come into his own as a great designer recently and, this was one of the first games to convince me."

Peter Sarrett: "Willy Wonka said it best. "So much time, so little to do--Stop. Strike that. Reverse it."



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