Wednesday, November 16, 2005

#5: Princes of Florence

Hard to believe you can pack so much game into 14 actions & 7 auctions - but that's all you get in this incredible game design from Wolfgang Kramer & Richard Ulrich. Even with just 21 moves, Princes of Florence sucks you in and gives you an amazing gaming experience.

Larry Levy: "Very tight mechanics and the poster child for the 'So much to do, so few actions' style of gaming. This is an extremely elegant design and one that is consistently enjoyable. It also has a unique feel; I can't really think of another game quite like it. The game works well with both four and five players. My only quarrel with the design is the set pattern of the bidding, with the active player forced to bid 200, followed by raises of exactly 100. Allowing bids and raises of any amount seems to increase the skill level and I'll always play that way if the other players are agreeable."

Susan Rozmiarek: "Gaming Nirvana."

Greg Daigle: "As a theme, the idea of being a patron of the arts during the Renaissance really appeals to me. In addition, this was the first game I ever played where I had my own "board." I really like the puzzle-like quality of building my own estate."

Stephen Glenn: "A lovely design."



Blogger Rick said...

As usual, Princes gets shafted by Puerto Rico, Euphrat & Tigris, El Grande and Settlers.

Ok, it's not so bad if it's E&T. But the other three?

4:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't know, Rick. I think PoF is good, but I've never quite seen why people are so enthusiastic about it. I'd certainly take Puerto Rico or E&T over PoF. PoF has just never grabbed me the same way.

6:39 PM  

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