Monday, April 16, 2007

One Year Farther Down the Space/Time Continuum

Hi, campers... the traffic for The One Hundred blog has died down a bit.

OK, it's died down a lot.

But I don't want to go completely dormant, so I wanted to give you some quick updates about The One Hundred and the lives of the people who made it happen.
  1. My plan is for us to take a second run at The One Hundred in the fall of 2008 (that's about 18 months from now.) That will make it four years since the voting originally took place for the "original" One Hundred... which ought to be enough time to see some movement in the games.
  2. When I/we do it again, I/we will probably use some of Brian Bankler's excellent suggestions. In fact, if you're not reading Brian's The Tao of Gaming, you should no longer call yourself a gamer. You might as well go out and buy a deluxe edition of Uno.
  3. Stephen Glenn, the guy who came up with all of this, is about to have another one of his games published by Robot Martini - Jetsetters. (This is actually even cooler than it sounds, as many of us thought that the game would be tied up in the wreckage of Plenary Games, who bought the rights to it originally.)
  4. Mark Jackson, the Pat Sajak & Vanna White rolled into one of The One Hundred, is putting the finishing touches on The Apples Project, which is another one of these compilation projects on gaming - this time by category.

I'll post more in the upcoming months... just don't hold your breath until then!



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