Thursday, November 17, 2005

#4: Settlers of Catan

It's become "cool" in some circles to crack on Settlers... which I (Mark) think is a horrific diservice to this tremendous game system. This is still one of the best of the '"gateway" games... offering incredible variety with the plethora of expansions available.

Scott Tullace: "Simply a classic. Not perfect, but always fun (unless you are the guy that loses with just 3 victory points)."

Frank Hamrick: "This is the classic that started it all for German gaming in America and it was my second German gaming purchase. I've played it tons of times and still enjoy it, though the lustre of discovery has faded. Still, along with its offspring (Seafarers, Canaan, Stone Age, etc.), it hasoffered me many hours of pure gaming pleasure - and still does - despite the important role (roll) of dice!"

Joe Huber: "Preferably played with no expansions. Remains tremendously enjoyable nearly a decade after its initial release."

Peter Sarrett: "I can't remember the last time I played this, but MAN did we play it to death when it first appeared. The basic 4-player game is still the best."

Dave Arnott: "Not played as often these days, but still great fun when it is. Hasn't lost that "wow" feeling for me, still marveling at how all the pieces of this gem fit together so brilliantly."



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