Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Mark's #35: Industrial Waste

Another interesting renaming choice by Jay Tummelson... but this time it makes sense, as each player lives and/or dies on how they handle the toxic sludge their widget factory produces.

Industrial Waste has some similarities to the insanely popular Puerto Rico:
  • players have individual boards that track information & resources for them
  • players can do very little to DIRECTLY affect other players
  • players can indirectly affect others by their choices in major ways
  • each player is essentially building a machine to generate profit/points
But Industrial Waste is a bit lighter (less complex) and a bit more random (the industrial accident card can mess over the most carefully planned company development.)

Man, I enjoy this game way out of proportion with the prevailing view of it as "an OK game." Thankfully, my group here in Fresno has a pretty positive reaction to it as well.



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