Sunday, February 26, 2006

Mark's #5: Puerto Rico

Make no mistake - this is an incredible game. It did not surprise me at all when it was placed #1 on The One Hundred. I am in awe of the design & development wizardry required to create this masterpiece of a game. I'm happy to put Puerto Rico in my personal top ten.

So why, with that glowing introduction, did this wonderful game end up at #5?

  1. First & foremost, it's MY list. So there. :-)
  2. I must admit there's a bit of the "art critic/snob" thing going on here. I know that lots of other people rank it as their #1, so I need to go the contrarian route and chose something else. (There's a lot more of this kind of behavior in gaming circles than most of us would like to admit.)
  3. Finally, something substantive... Puerto Rico is a bit "fragile". In other words, in a group of experienced players, a new player (or a player without much sense) will almost certainly throw the game in the direction of the player to their left. This isn't a problem when players are roughly equal in ability, but does make teaching the game a bit more of a challenge.



Blogger Lemur said...


You're more right than you know. My history of games has been to *find* a game, introduce it to my group, play it like crazy, than tire of it...usually right when they're 'getting into it'. Part of me believes I truly AM tired of the game (overplayed); but, I wonder how much is me being a contrarian snob...probly more than I imagine! :)


11:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

At least it made your top 10, Mark - as much as I enjoy the game, is doesn't manage that trick with me...

6:29 AM  

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