Monday, January 23, 2006

Mark's #11: Entdecker

...and don't get me started about WHICH version of Entdecker. Well, actually, you should, because I think that the first version of Entdecker (published by Goldsieber) is a brilliant family game which plays quickly & cleanly, while the second version, Entdecker: Exploring New Horizons (published by Kosmos & Mayfair) is a bloated mess that is too long by 30-60 minutes & unnecessarily chromes up a perfectly good game.

If you need to "gamer up" the original Entdecker, you can use Manu's variant (listed on the Geek & any number of websites). But even without this variant, the game is a splendid 15 minutes per player exploration game with a great sense of story. And it's simple enough that Braeden can play it with help - a plus in my book!



Blogger Mark Johnson said...

That's 15 minutes PER player, right? Like you, I don't care for New Entdecker so much. Or rather, I don't care for all of them. I skip the huts, larger boards, use of scouts, and pre-seeded board. But I DO salvage the gold die, the board-edge costs, the face-up tiles, and the path-tracing past opposing buildings to beef up the original game. However, the truth is that I like that beefed up variant, the Manu variant, or the plain ol', good dose of luck, out-of-the-box version of the original game. They're all fun.

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