Saturday, November 05, 2005

#76/#75: Hare & Tortoise

The only tie in The One Hundred is between two classic games: Hare & Tortoise and Quandary. Hare & Tortoise has been in print since 1974, winning one the first Spiel des Jahres award for it's designer, David Partlett. It takes a thematic idea (spend carrots to run forward like a rabbit, move slowly backwards to gain carrots like a turtle) and develops it into a tightly wound game. The theme and the art (especially of the newest edition) could easily fool you into thinking it's a "kiddie" game - nothing could be further from the truth.

David Fair: "Race games are typically given some type of luck factor to make them more tense. Hare & Tortoise has a small dose of luck (the Hare spaces), but it is much less than other race games (die-based or card-based games where every move is almost random, or your opponents options are unknown) and it offers each player precise information at all times, again very rare, especially in race games. Still comes out as a great game, and one in which every race is different."

Mark Jackson: "I heard the best description of H&T this weekend from Derk Solko - Hare & Tortoise IS a kid's game... for Vulcan children."


Blogger huzonfirst said...

Probably my favorite race game and one of my favorite six-player designs. Wonderful game that's remained popular for 30 years and which should still be widely played 30 years from now.

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