Friday, November 04, 2005

#84: Um Reifenbreite

This remake of Homas Tour was a boon to gamers who couldn't find the original after most of the copies had been destroyed in a warehouse fire. (And it's been republished in the last couple of years, so finding a copy is no longer like searching for the Holy Grail.) Rob Bontenbal designed this bicycle racing game that is as simple as it is fun... and then promptly disappeared. That's right - even though it won the Spiel Des Jahres, the guy hasn't designed another published game. Weird, huh? Anyway, we give you #84, Um Reifenbreite.

Ronald Hoekstra: "Wonderful racing game."

Mark Jackson: "A nifty blend of luck & skill does a great job of getting the feel of road cycling down - while never losing sight of making it an enjoyable game."


Blogger huzonfirst said...

Of course, Andreas Seyfarth disappeared for eight years after designing SdJ winner Manhattan. Seems to me he's released a couple of games since then!

8:52 AM  

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