Friday, November 04, 2005

#90: Dune

One of the few games on this list to come out of the 70's... and to be re-published (in French, no less) some 20 years later. Bill Eberle, Peter Olotka and Jack Kittredge designed this political wargame taken from the Frank Herbert series of novels. [Mark: The first one of the books is worth reading... the second is OK. Stop there before you lose a part of your life which you will never, ever get back. BTW, the noise you're hearing is rabid Dune fans trying to feed me to a sandworm.] Each player takes the role of one of the factions attempting to control Dune. Bluffing and treachery rule the day in this interesting adaption of the Cosmic Encounter system... #90 on the Top 100 Games of All Time.

Greg Aleknevicus: "Despite rules that are quite abstract, no game comes close to capturing the essence of its source material as Dune."

Richard Vickery: "Theme, fun, bluff and dog-low cunning!"

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Blogger Josh Adelson said...

Only at number 90??? My goodness, this list is maddening....

8:36 AM  
Blogger Mark (aka pastor guy) said...

Heck, Mr. Cranky - I'm stunned it's on here at all. It's a game that only really shines with six players who know the system and have some familiarity with the books. It's long, it's got some fiddly interactions, there's a significant random element, and some of the roles are insanely difficult to play & win.

All that said, it's on here, which says something about the deep love it inspires.

10:16 AM  
Blogger Brian said...

I'd debate that there is any significant random element in this game. Almost all information is given to at least one player before it takes effect, the rest is a matter of negotiation.

At the risk of ruining my good name, I'll side with Josh on this one, Dune deserves to be higher.

4:18 PM  

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