Thursday, November 03, 2005

#97: McMulti

James J. St. Laurent may not be a name immediately recognized by many gamers, but he managed to make #97 on our list with his only (known) published game. Initially released as Crude in the US in 1974, it became McMulti in its German incarnation. Highly sought after by collectors, McMulti offers you the chance to run an international oil company. Drill for oil, turn crude oil into refined oil, refined oil into gasoline and sell for profit. Also you can buy & sell the various facilities used in the game. (Mark: No luck jacking up prices at the slightest provocation... it's not a simulation game.)

Nick Sauer: "This game really seriously needs to be reprinted. One of the original German big four (which is ironically a reprint of an American design) that definitely earns its title. Clearly was an influence for the design of Settlers."

picture from Board Game Geek


Blogger David Fair said...

I am more than a little shocked to see McMulti here. Granted, i have only played it once, but I was not particularly awed or impressed by anything in the game other the the eye-candy components. The play was long, tedious, and truly not that fun.

7:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What were the other three of the "German big four" ?

9:00 AM  

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