Friday, November 04, 2005

#87: Vinci

Phillippe Keyaertes designed this mini-Civ game which sweeps into the Top 100 at #87. Vinci was lauded upon its release for providing the Civ-punch in 1/3 of the playing time. [Mark: And with 66% less fiddliness.]

Brian Leet: "I like this best with three or four players. We also always play with my random ending variant which seems to do well at eliminating excessive king-making and min-maxing in the final turns."

Dave Arnott: "Civ-Lite, Pseudo-Wargame, whatever you want to call it, just a perfect mix of variable special powers, attack and defense, and, of course, the thing that's actually more important than those other two: timing."

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Blogger huzonfirst said...

Probably my favorite game of conquest. Keyaertes' penchant for coming up with elegant solutions to thorny gaming problems, shown here and in Evo, makes me sorry that he hasn't published more!

8:49 AM  

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