Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Mark's #29: Land Unter

The first time I tried to play Zum Kukuck (the 1st edition of Land Unter), it was 3 am in the morning during my first Gulf Games. This is, I assure you, NOT the best time to learn a new game.

But enough people said nice things about it (hi, Invisible Craig!) to convince me to try it again while I had some brain cells working - and it's slowly but surely risen up my favorites list. I esp. like the "duplicate" element to the game.

Theme is not really a big deal here - the original edition was about cuckoos stealing eggs. The edition I own (Berliner Spielkarten) has drowning pigs and a maniacal weather frog (armed with some kind of wand). Don't sweat the theme... it's a great game.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do sweat the theme - make sure you get Zum Kuckuck. Nothing again Land Unter, but it's just more fun with the original theme.

1:10 PM  

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