Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Mark's #46: Sindbad

Sindbad is a multi-layered game, though at first glance it appears to be simply a roll'n'move with some investing strategies. So I'd better define why I think this exploration game from Flying Turtle is multi-layered, right?!
  • It can be played by young children... Braeden is 4 & 1/2 and has a grand time encountering monsters and figuring out what to do next with his diamonds.
  • It can be played by gamers - who can do a lot more strategizing about what & what not to do.
  • The numbered adventure cards add some interesting questions to your standard "roll/move/explore" pattern: is now the time to use a card to move? should I save it for later to attack another player or fight off the pirates? is this card more valuable for the gems it will gather or for the safe move I can make right now?
  • You can play a risky "go for all the marbles" kind of game... or diversify your holdings & build up cash steadily.
However you do it, Sindbad has plenty of evocative art & theme as you journey into the adventure.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Funny game... I played it some time ago. Great job reviewing guys

3:20 AM  

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