Sunday, November 13, 2005

#14: Cosmic Encounter

Boy, am I (Mark) the wrong person to be introducing Cosmic Encounter. I am not a fan... at all. Yet even I, who will run from the room if it's about to be played, will be the first to acknowledge the debt our current games owe to the innovative design ideas present in this sci-fi classic.

Tom Vasel: "This game is variety in a box - and once you include the expansions, you could play it a multitude of times, and never play the same game twice. A true classic."

Aaron Fuegi: "I don't play that often anymore but it is still a great game and infinitely variable."

Sheila Davis: "Always has been my favorite. Some say the game is outdated and outclassed by current releases. I disagree. When played with the original Eon flares, there's nothing like drawing the Filch flare and then proceeding to steal the other players blind. An outrageously fun game."

Steven Kurzban: "Plain vanilla, choose 1 alien from among 3 dealt, no flares/moons and other silliness."

Joshua Miller: "The chaos and unpredictablilty that results from the interactions of the various powers and flares keeps Cosmic Encounter feeling fresh after 25 years."

John Palagyi: "Eon version with flares and all the powers available. No moons or lucre though."

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Blogger huzonfirst said...

Never mind, Mark, I'm with ya on this one. Cosmic was always something I tolerated rather than liked. But my last game was a six-player affair that included two rules lawyers that lasted FOR...EV...ER! I swore I would never play Cosmic with 6 again and it could very well be my last game period. Even at its best, the game is too chaotic by half.

9:21 PM  
Blogger Casey said...

i play a 6 player game about once a month depending on who shows up to the party. as far as rules desputes go, we vote and move on. if anyone has a problem after that they can email peter at cosmic encounter online he can give you the original intention of the rule. btw if the standard eon version gives you headaches, stay away from the mayfair version.

12:44 PM  
Anonymous Nathan R said...

I own it but I haven't played it in forever. It was a fun game, but I found it had a glaring problem- it was far too imbalanced. Several of the race cards were terrible, and several were completely overpowered- that led to some games becoming one sided affairs as a race steamrolled everyone else. Too much randomness, but besides that I still have some fond memories.

1:56 AM  

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