Saturday, November 12, 2005

#16: Union Pacific

Alan Moon's homage to Acquire was Airlines... and then, with some time to think about it and play with the design, he created this splendid reimagining of stock acquistion and railroad building. Union Pacific works well with 3-6 players... and with the variant found on Game Central Station, is a nifty 2-player game as well!

Scott Tullace: "Always fun, good for 3-6 players. Simply the best (in my opinion)."

Frank Hamrick: "Another classic IMO. Simple mechanics (and thus easy to teach) but with lots of angst and provides a very fulfilling experience -especially if I win. Alan's best, I think. Even though Ticket to Ride, simple as it is, grows on me and is better suited to my family. Still, it has more depth than Ticket, and so gets the nod for now."

Dave Arnott:: "The multiplayer game is good, but my fondness for my own two-player variant ensured that this'd be on my list."

Mark Edwards: "I still prefer this old classic to Ticket To Ride, maybe it's because I'm partial to stock games."

Joe Rushanan: "My favorite 'get first or second' game."



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Simple mechanics. Lots of angst. But for whatever reason, I couldn't find the fun in this game.

11:31 AM  

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