Friday, November 11, 2005

#21: Memoir '44

Richard Borg's original published design in his Command & Colors series was H/AH's Battle Cry... Memoir '44 takes the system to a whole new level. The support for the game is tremendous as well, with new official scenarios and 3 (count 'em, THREE!) expansion items just released.With two sets, this two-player game also works well in "Overlord" mode - with 4 players on each side!

Pat Korner: "Battle Cry squared. Gorgeous production, excellent and highly expandable gameplay, this is my second-favourite 2-player game. This game evokes one of the highest 'let's play again' responses in me of any game - I always want to play another scenario."

Frank Hamrick: "My favorite "True-2" (2-player only) game. It satisfies my wargaming itch, and would be much more highly rated but for 1) the time it takes to set it up; 2) its 2-player limitation (I know about the Multi-player ability); and 3) it's failure to suit my family profile (wife and two daughters) But it is a great game when I want to play a wargame and thus makes my all-time favorites list."

Sheila Davis: "I really like the tough decisions required by the limits of your hand, and the short term planning with constant adjustments required. No pursuit of a full game strategy for this one--and I much prefer that."

Mark Jackson: "This is the perfect collision of all the eras of my gaming life: it's got enough warfare & tactics for the chit-pusher in me, the gorgeous plastic bits remind me of the day we cracked open Axis & Allies for the first time, and the speedy gameplay fits my current lifestyle. As others have mentioned, the plethora (si, Jeffe) of scenarios is a definite point in favor of Memoir '44, as well as one of the cleverest 'fog of war' mechanisms ever - the command deck. And why this one over Battle Cry? Really, it's comes down to two things: 1) they knocked the rough edges off the system (no wasted cards!), and 2) it's got incredibly good support from Days of Wonder."



Blogger Bert said...

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Blogger Bert said...

This one's in my top 3 games of all time - I'm glad it made it in the top 25% of this list.

My only two complaints with this game are:

1) If you only have time for one game, the setup:playtime ratio is too high.

2) The flimsy artillery (although in the expansion, the Russian artillery is quite nice and sturdy)

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