Saturday, November 12, 2005

#20: Mu & Mehr

It's not just the beautiful art from Doris Matthäus - or the variety of games you can play with this deck. It's the trick-taking masterpiece at the heart of this small box of card-playing fun. Mu is at #20... even though I can't ever remember if it's pronounced "mew" or "moo".

Dave Arnott: "I really like trick-taking games, so the novelty of one that works for five just tickles me. Slightly more confusing than Bridge initially, but infinitely easier once you know it... which is why it edges out Bridge for me (also, people seem more willing to play this "German" game over the "American" classic) Oh, and did I mention the whole plays five thing?"

Chris LaRue: "Still my favorite 5 player card game."

Andrea Meyer: "Doris and Frank's early masterpiece. Rules aren't explained that easily, but the game rewards daring people - good!"

Peter Sarrett: "There may be better card games. But there are no better card games for exactly five."

picture from Board Game Geek



Blogger Josh Adelson said...

One of so many games that rewards unscrupulous play by whomever is in the lead. Way too high up on this list.

12:58 PM  
Blogger Aaron D. Fuegi said...

I take it, Josh, you are referring to the endgame problems? They mostly disfavor the leader however.

Play with a variant endgame (see ) and those basically just evaporate. Mu just missed my list but it is true that I think the variant is a requirement.

12:28 PM  

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