Saturday, November 12, 2005

#18: Crokinole

A flicking game that's been around for many years, Crokinole surged in popularity about 6-7 years ago in the designer gaming community. You can spend a pretty penny on a good board, and the "magic powder" that makes them run smoothly (MESPI) may or may not be toxic... but there's no denying that Crokinole rewards not only flicking strength but also accuracy & tactics.

Frank Hamrick: "A skill game that provides a lot of fun - yet this one has a surprising amount of tactics for those who want to take the game more seriously. I can get the whole family to play this and that's a BIG plus. Like Ping Pong, you can play it seriously and develop skilled shot making ability, or you can mindlessly flip the disks. A good board makes this one a very enjoyable experience."

Aaron Fuegi: "I originally wasn't sure this would stay up this high but it has. Definitely best with 4 players in partnerships."

David Fair: "Great game enhanced by the beauty of the board. A classic."

Peter Sarrett: "Simple. Elegant. Lovely. And a game to become a family heirloom."



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, amazed to see Crokinole here. A family game from generations back.

3:19 AM  

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