Sunday, November 06, 2005

#64: LOTR: The Confrontation

Loaded with theme, this Lord of the Rings two-player game takes the well-worn "Stratego" hidden-piece mechanism and breathes new life into it with special powers, board movement that abstractly echoes the story, and card play that is agonizing in its limits. LOTR: The Confrontation: another amazing design from Reiner Knizia. (There is a deluxe version planned for December of 2005 with extra characters.)

Pat Korner: "A perfect example of an asymmetric strategy game, which is a genre that's been largely ignored these days. White is not nearly as hapless and pitiful as people think when they first play the game..."

Brian Leet: "Tense game of guts and bluff. Plus, there's that theme again."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Note that the deluxe version is the one pictured here.

A tense, tight game that plays quickly and very well.

9:37 AM  

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