Sunday, November 06, 2005

#69: Flauschenteufel

Flaschenteufel is known for many things, including mind-bending gameplay, unique rules, and being perhaps the most popular three-player trick taking game around. However, its most notable feature may be that it’s far and away the best themed trick taking game ever devised. The always innovative Günter Cornett based the design on the Robert Louis Stevenson short story, “The Bottle Imp” and the mechanics fit the theme beautifully. #69 is a wonderfully devilish game.

Larry Levy: “The bottle imp mechanic, where low cards can win a trick but might leave you with a negative score, is brilliant and one of the most flavorfully thematic game devices I’ve ever encountered. The tension when you hold the bottle and lower cards start disappearing one by one is wonderfully excruciating. You’ve really got to play this two or three times to get your head wrapped around it, but it’s well worth the effort."

picture from Board Game Geek
assist from Larry Levy on the blurb, as I (Mark) have only played the game once


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