Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Mark's #25: Time's Up

Peter Sarret took the party game "Celebrities", cleaned up the rules, added a well-thought out deck of famous names, and made one of the best party games on the planet - Time's Up.

Here's the deal:
  • Round One: You're playing Catchphrase with 40 names.
  • Round Two: Same 40 names, except now you can only use one word (plus charades & sound effects).
  • Round Three: Same 40 names one more time, except you can't talk anymore.
Add people with a sense of humor and watch the fireworks go off.

The genius of the packaging is in the way the names are put together (the yellow & blue sides of the cards are NOT random - Peter did a lovely job of setting up potential confusion by the way he grouped the names). My hat is off you to you, dude.

Favorite recent Time's Up story: I ended up starting to strip when our Bible study group was playing in order to get them to "get" Gypsy Rose Lee. I still wonder how some of them can watch me preach each week with that image burned in their brains. :-)



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